It's difficult to find any teacher in any discipline that's able to balance a class so that it's not boring for people more experienced or too challenging for someone just starting. I've been lucky enough to learn from Kairin who is that talented as teacher. Kairin's yoga classes always seem to be exactly what I needed. I always end up feeling energised, refreshed and ready for anything, very often so powerful to do a heavy workout after class. I can't help being engaged and learning something about proper positioning or being in tune with my breath; even in my most distracted of moments. Kairin's classes have transformed my practise. Beginning with the rich foundation of anatomy and journeying into the intelligence of the body, these classes brought my bones to life and helped me to see my deeper holding patterns. Through her gentle, yet powerful guidance, I have been given many tools to expand awareness, release tension and open energy flow within. And I am pretty sure I will never forget to keep the elbows inside when going into Chaturanga Dandasana.

Joanna Zaucha

'I started attending Kairin's yoga classes at the gym at the beginning of 2017 to help with my flexibility and to ease tightness following an ACL reconstruction. The 1 hour classes were challenging but achievable for a beginner. When regularly attending up to 3 times a week I could't believe the difference and improvement in my core strength and balance, not to mention my sleep. Yoga really helped when sandwiched between strength & conditioning to get an overall body stretch. Kairin would always spend extra time after class to assist or teach new positions or to stretch problem muscles when asked. I look forward to getting involved with the new location and timetable.

Lee McDonald

"As a semi-senior citizen I found your yoga class to be challenging and fun and yet non life-threatening. I was able to perform beyond my expectations and you answered all of my questions intelligently and with patience. You are awesome, thanks."

Victor Lunga

"I've been practising Yoga for 10 year, and in that time have tried a variety of styles and teachers. Kairin is by far, one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her focus on anatomy and alignment is really helpful when moving through asana, and her direct approach helps me to remain focused throughout the class. Kairin's classes encourage curiosity and play, with all body types and flexibility levels being catered for, with alternative options given during postures. Would recommend HIGHLY, whether you're brand new to yoga or an experienced yogi."

Rachel Morgan