"My partner introduced me to Kairin. We agreed that she is the right PT for me since I have a major lower back problem as a result of an accident and I was not able to work out  for almost over a year. Kairin and I have been working for over 4 months and have seen amazing results in that time. Kairin is master of her craft with health, fitness and anatomical knowledge. she is a true expert in yoga, personal training and a friendly and passionate person that makes each workout an unique experience. She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise, which is very important in my case. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I absolutely have more energy and my overall health and flexibility have improved immensely and now I have new goals.

If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Kairin is a great life-coach in many ways as well. Thank you Kairin, you are the best.

Dr. Burcin Cakir

As somebody completely new to fitness I received huge support from Kairin form the first day we met. Kairin is patient and understanding and really took the time to find out what my goals and objectives were. Kairin helped me by putting a realistic but challenging plan to help me embark on my fitness goals by incorporating cardio and strength work and lots of motivation and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

Cleo Catherine

"I've had the pleasure of working out in the same gym that Kairin teaches in for around 12 months. I have attended a few of her classes, Spinning & Abs are my favourite. Kairin is a fantastic Spinning Instructor. Not only is she very physically fit, she structures the classes well & has a great blend of high & low tempo music & work rate. She clearly prepares well for each session & hear commitment & enthusiasm are infectious.

On a personal level Kairin is always very approachable & knowledgeable about all aspects of physical fitness & nutrition. She has a very friendly manner & is eager to engage with the clientele. I wish her every success in the future.

Paul Singleton

"Kairin has been my personal trainer for quite a while now. One of the best things I have ever done!! Being a 57 year old woman she has helped me improve my well-being and lifestyle, which I thought I would never achieve. As well as losing weight my fitness level is amazing and I have now even joined a challenge to walk 10k steps a day. Kairin's knowledge in what she does surpasses everything.

Linda Nisbet

I have suffered with extremely sore legs for 4 years. I have tried everything to get the problem sorted. Two MRI scans and ultra sound found nothing, the doctors couldn't find anything wrong and were baffled. I have spent a fortune over the years that has run into thousands. I met Kairin and she gave me a programme specifically designed for my legs. I can honestly say I felt a difference within the first day, what a relief to finally find somebody that can help. I would recommend anybody, young or old to take a class with Kairin and see the benefits for yourself.

Gail Brown