Better Anatomy - How?

There are three important ways to improve your anatomy and they are resistance training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training. I aim to include all of these three aspects of fitness training into your exercise programme.

All the time, bearing in mind that your exercise programme has to be tailored and functional for your own current abilities and your health and injury status.

Resistance Training and Core Strength - Creating Strong Anatomy

If you don't have a resistance-training programme by the time you reach 35, you really should get one ASAP! At around this age your muscle tissue will begin to decrease (this is termed muscle atrophy). However, muscle atrophy can be reversed with a resistance training programme.

Many of my previous clients imagined that resistance training is age-limited, but building and maintaining muscle can start at any age, even into your 90s!

Regular resistance training will not only make you stronger but it will also speed-up your metabolism, assist fat burning, enhance your cardiovascular exercise performance, strengthen your bones, prevents injuries, improves posture and gives you more personal independence.

I would love to design a tailored resistance-training programme for you ASAP so you can share the joy of stronger and better-performing anatomy!

Creating Strong Heart and Lung Anatomy - Cardiovascular Training

There are many ways to challenge both your heart and lungs, for example running, cycling, running, boxing or team sports. Building both cardiovascular strength AND endurance requires different approaches, which all involve monitoring heart rate as this is important for safe, effective and efficient progression.

Again, both cardiovascular strength and endurance can be enhanced at any age with a safe and effective programme.

Creating Flexible Anatomy - Stretching

Poor flexibility decreases the range-of-motion (ROM) in your joints and this can impact negatively on all sorts of activities. Building and maintaining flexibility can also start at any age and will enable your joints and muscles to work throughout their entire ROM. Needless to say, good flexibility contributes to optimum strength.

I can assess your flexibility and create a flexibility programme, which addresses your personal anatomy.

...and the rewards?

Combining all three types of training (resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility) will lead to better insulin sensitivity, increased capillarisation, fat loss and better sleep patterns - what's not to like