SCIENCE....we do stuff in the lab that would be a crime in your garage....

First Assessment

It is important to check for any health issues before you begin your exercise programme. Therefore, I will ask you to complete a 'Physical Activity Readiness Questionaire'(PARQ) before your initial assessment.

The purpose of your initial assessment is to discuss your current lifestyle and your desired goals. Once I have this information I can suggest lifestyle and exercise strategies that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Second Assessment

The purpose of your second assessment is to measure your 'starting point'. I can measure your weight, body mass index (BMI), lean tissue/fat percentage, *blood pressure, peak flow and an *initial heart rate response.

*Note that blood pressure and heart rate must be checked before your exercise programme commences but the other listed measurements are entirely optional.

Your Programme

An intelligently designed exercise programme is dependent both on your initial assessment and on your personal trainer regularly observing and assessing your responses to various exercise modes and their intensities. Scientific principles should and will be applied to your exercise programme, that is to experiment (with exercise modes), then observe and record the results.

Thereafter your programme can be correctly tailored to your own personal anatomy and initial fitness level. Fundamental training techniques should and will be applied to your exercise programme, including the manipulation of loads, repetitions, tempo and rest. Then, when you reach a plateau a new approach to your exercise programme can be devised.

And You

Honesty is extremely important between the personal trainer and the client, but honesty with yourself is perhaps even more important.

Fundamentally, a personal trainer can only encourage you and show you safe and effective ways to exercise. However, if you are neither motivated or dedicated, you cannot achieve your goals. The most regular hurdles for many of my clients are their friends, family and their work and the demands they frequently place upon you. Will they be supportive of your goals? Or will they resent the time you will have to take, away from them to look after yourself?

Often, achieving important personal goals may be at the expense of those who are around you. Therefore, in some circumstances a certain degree of selfishness is required for you to reach your own personal goals.

Are you ready to look after yourself properly? After all, if you are fit and healthy you can better look after those around you.