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The Alma Mater

Getting my BSc(Hons)in Anatomical sciences.

About Me

I wasn't a fit teenager, I didn't play competitive netball or participate in cross-country running, instead, I chose something else.....

I started smoking at 14 and as a teenager I loved lounging around my bedroom listening to my Killing Joke albums - so not much exercise there then! In my 20s I partied pretty hard but at age 28 I decided that all had to change.

I started running, weight training and I went to as many different types of exercise classes as I could possibly get to.

I was living in London during the time of my initial training and there were lots health clubs, gyms and sport centres to go to and many talented teachers whom I could learn from.

Aged 30, I completed my first half marathon and gained the first of many exercise qualifications.

Thereafter, my goal has been to learn as much about the human body as I possibly can because it fascinates me, especially anatomical variation.

I hope that by arming myself with as much knowledge as possible and passing it on to my clients I can educate and inspire them towards healthier, fitter and much more independent lifestyles. I firmly believe that if you understand why you are starting exercise as a life habit, and it makes sense, you will continue with it.

In June 2015 I graduated from the University of Dundee with a BSc(Hons) in Anatomical sciences. During the course of my degree I had the huge privilege of dissecting and examining both human bodies and brains. I think that this has made me a better personal trainer and I continue to read and research to be the best I can be.