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This did take a lot of practice...

Batman yoga philosophy

Personal Training and Sober Yoga in Leith

Regular Exercise equals Anatomical Improvement

...and not just from the neck down. As well as improving muscle tone, heart strength and bone density, regular exercise has a positive impact on brain function too.

Stopping smoking and becoming a regular exerciser massively improved the quality of my life, simply because all physical tasks became much easier. Simple things like; climbing stairs, carrying shopping bags and cycling up a hill without having to get off my bike and being able to run.

So, I would love to coach, educate, encourage and support you towards your own, improved quality-of-life experience as the stronger, faster and leaner version of your emerges with some fun, tailored training.

With 21 years of personal training experience I can guide you along your anatomical improvement journey by ensuring that the time your spend exercising is always safe, effective and time-efficient....and hopefully a wee bit fun too.


Punk Anatomist is at 93 Constitution street, Leith.